It is clear, now is the time, our global ocean is at a crucial crossroads. Our ocean cannot be our toxic waste dump. Project Kaisei, established in 2009, continues to inspire innovation on both land and at sea, finding ways to stop our escalation of single-use plastics and to clean-up our decades of ocean abuse.
— Mary T. Crowley, Founder, Ocean Voyages Institute

Our past expeditions have been focused on research in order to quantify the problem of marine debris in the Pacific Ocean.  We believe now is the time to begin major clean up of the larger debris before that debris causes harm to wildlife or breaks down and enters our food chain.  Project Kaisei is focused on tracking and REMOVING marine debris from oceans, shores and rivers to:

  • prevent wildlife entanglement, 
  • capture large debris before it degrades into tiny, hard to capture pieces, 
  • perfect ocean cleanup technologies, and 
  • inspire others to join our efforts globally with shared technology solutions.